The Splendour of the Earth

The earth is beautiful. It is a paradise that we can see. Unfortunately, human seems distracted from noticing the profound and unique beauty of the earth and what is in it. Most often, we subconsciously overlook the sanctity, glamour, and sanctuary or nature reserves that this planet provides. That is understandable, but if we can take some time to consciously and purposely look at those beauties around us, we will appreciate this beautiful planet that we call home. This world harbors many unique attractions; if we pay more attention, then we may start enjoying more than we currently do.
The red moon, the blue sky, the early morning smell, the quietness of the mornings, the calmness of the night, the various sounds, the echo of sounds, and the feel of the wind. The falling rain, the white snow, the butterfly that is flapping away, the cry of a new baby, the sound of laughter, a singing voice, the sunrise, and sunset. The trees, the flowers, the orchards, the plantation, humans, the birds, tribes, races, rivers, seas, oceans.

Photo by Callie Rae on Unsplash

The colours of nature.

Mountains, space, sun, topographies. The wave of the sea, the splash of water, the howling of the wind. The animals in the jungle, the fishes of the sea. The continents, countries of the earth, the cities of the world, the languages, different ways of worship, and so on.
These are a few of the beauties that earth provides for humanity. If we that inhabit this planet can recognise and pay more attention to things around us, we will have more reason to be happy, healthy, and maybe smile and appreciate more.
The beauty of earth can be a healer; it can heal us from depression, sadness, loneliness, disappointments, etcetera. We need to start observing our environment and putting more meanings to things around us because they are beautiful.

photo by jerry wang on Unsplash
by Cynthia Ofodile

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    PJ Writes

    This is so true. We’re always in a hurry to get through the day that we fail to take a deep breath and observe; feel nature; bask in its glorious awesomeness… Truly the beauty of the earth can heal, if only will pause and behold then feel… Great writeup desplendour. I look forward to reading more.

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