Emergency Paediatrics Unit? The Worst!

No mother wants their child to get sick, but for a first time mom like me who is completely clueless when it comes to an ill child, it’s horrific. Last week, my daughter had a high temperature, and I took her to the hospital.
When the doctor saw her, she decided to admit us to watch her avoid convulsion. That was the beginning of my woes.

After we were admitted, the doctor came to fix an IV line. When the needle went in, my daughter screamed out in agony, and my heart tore into pieces. I watched her try to wriggle out of the doctor’s grip. I wanted to take the discomfort away. I wept. It was heartbreaking. She needed to take some blood to run some tests, but the hand vein didn’t drop blood, so the doctor said she’ll need to get the blood from her foot. It was another round of pain for my little one. I cried with her.

Finally, it was over. The doctor assigned us a bed space. It dawned on me that we were here to stay. I felt down, but I needed to be there for my baby. The drugs were administered through the IV line, and each time it’s done, she cries out in pain. Watching my baby in pain wasn’t easy.
As if that wasn’t enough on her already, at night, her fever became so high, and she couldn’t sleep. I danced around the ward carrying her to soothe her. She would sleep for 10 minutes and wake up crying the next. It was a trying night.

Just around 1 am, a man and a woman came in with a baby. The doctors and nurses sprang into action. The baby looked so weak and kept wheezing. They did a blood transfusion, drip, gave the baby a series of injections, and told the parents it was a 50-50 chance of survival. The doctor asked when the baby became sick? They mentioned it was a week ago, but the baby’s temperature increased and decreased, so they were confused about whether she needed to be taken to the hospital. The doctor on duty advised them to always bring in a baby at any sign of high temperature. That babies do not talk, so it’s best to check and declare okay by a paediatrician. The baby breathed her last at dawn.

We spent five days in the hospital, and during these five days, my mental health was not how it was when I came in.
Babies were wailing, wheezing, wincing in pains. Parents tired, crying, praying, upset. Nurses & doctors emotionless.
I witnessed a baby die, and I need a therapy session.
How do these doctors & nurses do this daily and remain sane?

The Emergency Pediatrics Unit is not for the faint-hearted. In my opinion, it is the worst place for a new mom to be in, but it is necessary!
Just the way babies cried and winced, and one died, I saw a lot of babies and toddlers become their jolly self. We were moved to the recovery unit, and to be honest, it was the opposite of the Emergency unit.
The doctors and nurses over there were kinder. Parents were more at ease. Their babies were getting better, and it was such bliss to witness.
But toddlers are dramatic! Once they saw a doctor or a nurse approaching, “Mummy, I need to go and see my daddy outside,” “Daddy, my mummy, is calling me,” “Doctor, please forgive me,” “Nurse, please go I’m not sick again,” they would all be yelling on top of their voices.
There was this 3-year-old in particular who was the most dramatic. He would kneel and beg the nurse to forgive him. Then turn towards his mum and tell her he would never be stubborn again. 🤣
We would all laugh as soon as it was time for drugs because we were ready for some movie time. I only wish there were popcorn and soda ready.

By the 3rd day, my daughter was all hyperactive, and we were ready to leave. But her doctor decided to watch her further as she wasn’t eating well yet, but thankfully, on the 5th day, we were discharged!
I made a lot of mom friends in the hospital who was also discharged before or after us. I was elated to be leaving! My daughter too!
It was such an experience I wouldn’t want to relive, albeit the good memories and the friends I made. No mom wants to go there, but it’s necessary to go and in time. It’s best to take your little one to the hospital as soon as you spot the first sign of fever or unusual behaviour. I didn’t find the experience all sweet but I’m glad we went and that my baby is doing great again.

Have you ever had to go to the emergency paediatrics unit of a hospital? How was it? Please share with me, I’m all ears… oops  Eyes! 

by PJ Writes

Meet PJ, Editor and Writer of De Splendour blog. She loves telling stories, writing, reading and watching movies. She writes short stories and screenplays for short films. She bases most of her non-fiction on her personal experiences. She hopes you enjoy her endless entertaining stories. You can also follow her on instagram @pjwritesonline

6 Replies to “Emergency Paediatrics Unit? The Worst!”

  1. 1
    Ozioma Emmanuella

    This was a good read. I can only imagine how those parents that lost their little one must have felt, the pain and guilt of not coming to the clinic earlier. I’m really glad Ziora is fully recovered and I pray the God Lord gives you the strength to keep being a good Mom to little Ziora.

    • 2
      PJ Writes

      Thank you ❤️ I can only imagine the guilt as well. That is why It is advised to take these little ones to the hospital at any sign of illness. Let the doctor do their job.

    • 3

      Anytime I see my little girl(Domingo) in a quiet mood,I examine her by asking her some questions,like how are you? Are you feeling some pain and all,but when her response doesn’t justify my curiosity…..boom!! Hospital ASAP.

      • 4
        PJ Writes

        You’re a good dad! These are the signs. It’s best a doctor declares the baby okay than assuming. No one likes going to the hospital but it makes them get better so why not!

  2. 5
    Uchechi Kalu

    Hmmmm it is well. Even after 3 kids, it doesn’t get easier. May God console that family and may He bless our kids with good health because e no easy. We went back to the hospital yesterday, this time 2/3 😄😄

    • 6
      PJ Writes

      Wow! 2/3 is strong o. How did you cope because this one just rearranged my entire mental health. I pray for strong health for them. You’re a strong momma!

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