Be Baby Sane; Useful Tips for Self-care after Childbirth.

Let me start by congratulating you on the birth of your baby. You are a super mum, whether you birthed your child or adopted your baby. Becoming a mother changes a whole lot in you, you start taking care of someone who is wholly dependent on you. You are learning to adjust to your new situation. Your baby is also learning to adapt to her new environment.

Life as we know it! Life before having a baby, it was straight forward, you can do whatever you like, whenever you want to do them and go wherever you want freely. But with a baby around you, everything starts changing. You are now solely responsible for a new person who fully depends on you. Isn’t that beautiful?

You start feeling excited, worried, sad, then depressed, or even insane. You are trying to adapt to the new beautiful life. Your sleeping pattern has changed, you get tired of a lot of things at the same time. You start feeling frustrated, especially being sleep deprived, and sometimes things don’t work the way you planned or want them to be. 

As a new mum, you might feel anxious about whether you are doing the right thing. Relax and take a deep breath! Taking care of a newborn baby is a gradual process and requires a lot of calmness from you, once you learn not to worry too much, everything will fall in place. Of course, it is natural to worry about so many things like how to breastfeed, bathe your baby, put them to sleep, do house chores at the same time, and get a rest.

 You are not alone! Relax and bond with your baby. Forget about every other thing. I have been through that stage too, in my case, I had only my husband to lean on. I learnt to cope by doing some activities that helped me distract myself from my worries. When I was not sure of what to do, I sought advice from experts or read exciting books on parenting.

Over the past years, a lot of things have changed. The way our parents cared and looked after us is different now with modern daycare. Now, new technology, researches, ideas are coming up. We can now find some solutions over the internet.

Now, let us talk about how new mums can remain sane while taking care of their adorable. I have done a few research and also sharing my own experience in this content.

Here are a few tips for new mums or old mums who might want to learn more: –

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes, as your body is still adjusting to the new changes.
  • Invest in good affordable bras, especially cotton bras or nursing bras.
  • Recover at your own pace, let your body heal properly.
  • Learn to relax at all times, and ask for help where necessary.
  • Open up about your feelings, talk to your husband, or whoever you are close to. If you think nothing has changed and you are unable to cope with anxiety or depression, seek professional advice.
  • If you are breastfeeding, know that your breast milk will not start producing much in the first few months, it’s a gradual process. Don’t get worked about it, and if you are struggling, combine breastfeeding and formula bottle feeding. Seek advice from your doctor or midwife where necessary.
  • Create time to relax, if possible lone time in the bathtub or go somewhere for a cup of coffee or ice- cream.
  • Go for walks with your baby as this can help you relax and get some fresh air.
  • Meet with friends, talk about your experiences with people who can give you useful bits of advice.
  • Get some sleep, try and adjust your chores. So, when your baby is sleeping, you can also nap with him.
  • Eat healthily and drink plenty of water, also exercise regularly when your body is ready.
  • Spend time with your partner or loved ones, have a movie night-in, barbecue or picnic if the weather is beautiful.
  • Engage in activities you like or hobbies that interest you while looking after your baby. For me, I love drawing & painting, baking, and of course, watching romantic comedy movies.
  • Create a routine, caring for a baby can be tedious. Take it a step at a time, do things when you can. 
  • Try to be cheerful and have a positive mind, for you are a strong woman and you are the best mum, your child can get.
  • Join mum and baby groups around you or online. Share your experiences with other mums, you can learn something new too.

Once you can try these tips and the ones you create for yourself, you feel relieved of your stress, anxiety, and worries. It is a joyful thing to be a mother, enjoy the joys and surprises that come with it.

Always remember you don’t have to do it alone. Always seek help when you feel overwhelmed.

I hope this content is helpful, feel free to like, leave a comment. If you have any questions, please leave them at the comment section,I will be attending to them as soon as I can.

by Cynthia Ofodile

Hi I’m Cynthia . A mother of two, a qualified Child care practitioner, Dental technician, practising Dental nurse and Founder of De Splendour. De Splendour is a unique parenting and lifestyle blog expressed in art and creativity to celebrate family life, power of inspiration, health with practical tips for dental care, home, nursing mothers, spouses and personal style. To come up with the best quality content to share with you in your areas of interest , we work with a team of innovating and creative individuals whose interest is to keep you wanting more. You can connect with her on social media platforms:- facebook - @DeSplendourofficial instagram & tiktok- @de.splendour twitter - @de_splendour

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